The world of instant rice

I think all of us, the young and upcoming generation, have fallen victim to instant rice. No, we don’t suffer from poor quality and unhealthy rice, we suffer from the instant part of the rice. Everything around us has taken this approach of becoming more instant, faster and easier.

To give you an example, just google the term “quick and easy”. Now, look around and see how many videos and articles are trying to provide consumers with an easier and quicker way of doing things. Apparently, there is a quick and easy way to make your dinner, grow your hair/beard and some advertise how you can grow your business quickly and easily.

The new way to attract consumers and investors is to provide them with a process that is faster and quicker than competitors by mere seconds. If you think I am joking, think about how you have seen the fast food industry evolve. Humans have been replaced with self-serve kiosks so the order process can become faster and more efficient. Not only that, the fast food industry on average spends around 2.5% of its revenue on technology. Just so they can provide their salivating customers’ meals by milliseconds quicker than competitors. 

Speed has become the new competitive advantage in the upcoming economy. Why? Is it because people in the current world have become busier than the previous? Or is it because people have been trained to become less patient?

I think it’s a bit of both, but more so the latter than the former. We as people are provided with so many new and shiny services that help us get what we want faster. You’re hungry? Don’t worry, just order your food with Uber Eats and it will be here in ten minutes. Do you want a new phone case? Just drop some extra money and pay for Amazon Prime, and your case will be at your doorsteps by tomorrow. Everything literally wants to and is trying to become faster. Even things like dating! No need for awkward conversations and eye-contact, just swipe right my stud. 

But some things can never be fast-tracked. And when we are faced with these situations, our mind goes completely haywire. What are these things? Meaningful relationships, our health and accomplishing our goals and ambitions. There is no pill or potion that can help us do the things above faster. Building ever-lasting relationships, creating that sense of trust between you and the other person takes time and patience. There is no way we can achieve a desirable physique and a healthy mind in a day. We could use steroids but obviously, we are aware that it comes with serious consequences. Lastly, the goals and ambitions we have. There is no way I know of that can help us achieve them faster. To see ourselves overcoming and achieving what we thought we can’t; takes effort day in and day out. Just look at the people you admire in your life. Athletes, entrepreneurs, scientist, celebrities, parents, peers whomever it may be, have spent time perfecting their craft. They haven’t attained your respect and admiration by cutting corners. They’ve kept grit and most importantly didn’t lose their patience in the world of instant rice.   

“good things come to those who wait”

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