Have vs Get

You might have heard of the concept of wants vs needs. Prioritize your needs before your wants in order to be more respectful to your budget. Another concept that a lot of people might have not heard of is the idea of have vs get. I love starting new things, like reading a book a month, working out 5 days a week, meditating 5 minutes a day or something more ambitious like starting an online marketing agency. However, to stick and follow through with them is a difficult task.

To be honest, my reading has decreased a bit and meditating 5 minutes a day has recently stopped. Not only me, but I know many people who begin ambitious goals and then soon find themselves losing fuel and coming to a stop. Well, this is when the concept of have vs get comes in to play. When we think of a task with the idea that I have to do …, we fill like someone is telling us something to do. You know that feeling when you feel like cleaning your room, but when your mom tells you to do it, you suddenly don’t even want to think about the idea of picking up clothes. Similarly, when we take on goals and think that “I have to work out or I have to read” it suddenly becomes tasks instead of activities that you yourself chose to do. Instead, by thinking that “I get to workout or I get to read”, the activity becomes more enjoyable and more appetizing.

So the next time you start to feel that the goals you chose are burdening, stop thinking of them as tasks but opportunities that you get to do


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