Here we stand

Here we stand
Stand until we can’t
We all must lie one day

That day will come
When? Only time will tell

So here we stand

See, feel, smell, think, we all do
Some see more
Some feel more
Some smell more
Some think more

Happy are few
Sad are many
But we all wait
Wait for what? You choose

We choose what to wait for
We choose. Oh we love to choose

Chase. We chase
Over and over
Some grab it
Others never
But it’s the game we love
It gives meaning
Something for us to do as we stand

Some play another game
Someone’s game
Never finding their own

But hey, we stand and wait

Why do we play? Who knows?
Because everyone is playing?
Who knows?

But one day
That day
We lie
Take with us __

We must stand
So stand
So wait
So chase
So play
We must lie

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